At just $4.99, watch the weather unfold on your computer screen with YoWindow! 50% savings.

Stuck in the dungeon? Before you step outside, take a look at your computer screen and see if you need your umbrella! Now $4.99 (orig.$9.99).

Not sure if you need your rainboots or an umbrella today? Look no further than your computer screen and YoWindow will not only tell you the temperature, but it will show you what the weather is like outside. There are a ton of desktop weather apps, but YoWindow is a different kind of a weather app that is fun and useful at the same time.

Why? Here is a quick summary of what YoWindow does:

  • Watch the weather unfold in your city or anywhere around the world--see if it's rainy, sunny, hailing, or snowing outside your house or on the other side of the world.
  • Watch the forecasted weather for the week! Is snowstorm in the forecast? You better bring out your snow gear and get ready for a snow fight!
  • Visuals are built on top of real data--weather, sunlight, season, and astronomical calculations--you can watch the sun rise and set, right on your computer screen.
  • Every weather parameter you need is available for display: temperature, wind, speed and direction, pressure, and humidity.
  • You can choose virtually any place on earth to watch--21,000 locations and counting.
  • Occasionally, you may notice interesting objects in the sky. Shooting star, anyone?
  • Set your own image as a background and see yourself get caught in the rain!

Rated 4.5 stars by the CNET editors, YoWindow comes highly recommended as a fun utility tool. At just $4.99 today, why not try this out and get one for your mom, sister, and friends too? Especially with the recent tragedy in Japan, you can also monitor the weather in Sendai real-time. Just pick Japan from the list of countries, then type in the city--watch Sendai's weather condition unfold on your computer screen.

This is a limited-time offer for our CNET users, so check it out and let me know what you think. Supposedly, the developers built in some surprises within the app, so if you happen to see a shooting star or more, do share with us!

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