Office for Mac 2016 and El Capitan off to a rough start

With the release of El Capitan (OS X 10.11) this week, some Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac users are reporting significant issues running the Mac version of Office on Apple's new OS.

On Microsoft's community forums, Office users are noting that Office 2016 apps crash and hang on El Capitan. While many of the reported problems center on the new version of Outlook, others note issues with Word or Excel running alongside another Office app. And some are... Read More »

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How to browse safely in Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 has raised concerns with its collection of certain user data. You can't turn that off, though you can adjust the OS's privacy and security settings. You can also tweak Edge, Windows 10's new default Web browser. We've given you a tour of Edge's major features, but now let's drill down into the settings specific to your privacy and security. (If you're also using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, we have security tips for those browsers, too.).

Open... Read More »

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Microsoft addresses your privacy in Windows 10

In the wake of concerns about the amount of user data that Windows 10 collects and sends to Microsoft, the company has spoken out in defense of its methodology on its official Windows blog. Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group, laid out the company's game plan, based on two principles: (1) "Windows 10 collects information so the product will work better for you," and (2) "You are in control with the ability to... Read More »

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Wi-Fi Assist may be costing you

If you've upgraded to iOS 9, as 50% of iOS users have, then you're probably enjoying new features like News, improved Notes and Wallet, Spotlight search, and the ability to multitask on newer iPads. But you may not have even noticed Wi-Fi Assist, which switches your connection from Wi-Fi to cellular when you're in a poor coverage area. This is a huge boon if you watch a lot of videos, play music, or surf the Web... Read More »

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A visual look at El Capitan

El Capitan (OS X 10.11) offers a collection of neat enhancements that should make using Apple's new OS a visually pleasing experience.

For example, El Capitan has a new system typeface named SF, a member of the font family used on iOS devices and Apple Watch. Apple designed the font for readability, which you can judge for yourself below. On the left, you see the SF font in use in Safari's View menu in El Capitan. On the right is... Read More »

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Apple's Live Photos: can you share them?

Live Photos is one of the most interesting Apple photo features ever, and it's coming with iPhone 6S, which starts shipping this week. You simply shoot a photo as you always do, and the iPhone captures the second and a half before the shot and the second and a half after to create a combination JPEG and MOV that looks like a mini video. You can even set one as your wallpaper.

While we've seen some enticing... Read More »

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Microsoft Office 2016: buy vs. subscribe

Microsoft's game plan, from Office to Xbox to Windows 10, is to get users to think of its products as services, and to subscribe rather than to pay one time. There will be casualties of this strategy. This week Microsoft released Office 2016 for Windows and Mac (following Mac's Office 365 edition in July), and now comes the reckoning of what you get if you buy the suite outright, versus what you get if you opt for Office... Read More »

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Gmail gives you more control over annoying email

Google today is rolling out a Gmail update that lets you block an individual's email address and unsubscribe more easily from a mailing list.

In both the browser and Android versions of Gmail, you can now block specific email addresses. Once blocked, the sender's messages will go to your spam folder. (You can always unblock the sender if you want their messages to show up again in your inbox.)

In the Android Gmail app, tap the Action overflow menu (the three vertical... Read More »

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Apple's App Store faces first major malware attack

The mostly "impervious" App Store has recently faced its first large-scale malware attack. Apple announced on Sunday that it was surfacing and removing dozens of infected iPhone and iPad apps.

Hackers tricked developers into using a phony version of Xcode, Apple's own iOS and OS X creation software. Developers mistakenly downloaded malware called XcodeGhost from a Chinese file-sharing service that allowed for faster downloads than Apple's often slow servers. How these apps passed through Apple's security checks is still unknown.

WeChat,... Read More »

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Free up iPhone and iPad space

Do you have a 16GB iPhone or iPad? Or do you often encounter those frustrating Storage Almost Full warnings? iOS 9 thankfully takes up less room than iOS 8 -- about 1.3GB rather than 5GB -- but if you're fond of photos, videos, and music, your remaining free space will still dwindle in a hurry. Here are four tips for making the most of your iOS device's limited storage.

Delete superfluous apps

Apps are a large part of the point of... Read More »

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