WorldMate 2009 travel app updates for Symbian

International travelers with high-end Nokia and Samsung Series 60 Symbian smartphones get a glossy update to WorldMate's travel app.

WorldMate's Weathercaster service on Nokia

On Monday, WorldMate released an update to its travel app for Nokia and Samsung S60 third and fifth edition smartphones. Called WorldMate 2009, the application refreshes the look of previous versions with a new dashboard screen that tells you the local weather and time of your current location, and that sums up your flight and itinerary info if you pay the subscription fees for the pro version.

Aimed especially at international business travelers, WorldMate 2009 for Symbian operates on the freemium model. As with versions for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry phones, WorldMate 2009 gives you a handful of features as part of the free download. On Nokia and Samsung, these include global weather forecasts that can be read to you aloud, world clocks, a currency converter, and a day and night world map. The pro-level Gold subscription buys you personalized flight-status look-ups, full flight information, including your terminal and gate, and push alerts that warn you if your flight is canceled or delayed. You'll also be able to book hotel rooms from WorldMate in the event you get struck down by inclement weather.

WorldMate dabbed this latest Symbian version with a glossy coat of paint, and the dashboard adds a convenient way to view details at a glance. However, WorldMate 2009 will be its most useful for paying users who can access all its features.

WorldMate 2009 screen shots
WorldMate 2009 on Nokia (Credit: WorldMate)

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