Windows 7 jump lists come to Chrome

Google Chrome fans who use the developer's build now get access to one of the best features in Windows 7, while Mac users also see some Chrome improvements.

Google Chrome fans who live on the edge and use the developer's build now get access to one of the best features in Windows 7. Browser jump-list access had previously been limited only to Internet Explorer, but Chrome version supports it.

Jump lists in Windows 7 for Internet Explorer 8 (left) and Google Chrome (right). (Credit: Screenshot by Seth Rosenblatt/CNET)

The jump list, accessible by right-clicking on the Chrome taskbar icon or by holding down the left mouse button and dragging, mimics the Internet Explorer jump list. What IE calls "Frequent", Chrome labels "Most Visited Sites", but both merely show your most frequently visited Web sites. Both lists of URLs are configurable, so you can remove sites from the list.

Below the frequency list is a short list of tasks. Chrome again copies IE here, offering a quick start link to open a new private browsing window. Where IE offers a link to open a new tab, though, Chrome curiously offers a link to open a new browsing window.

Google continues to lay the groundwork for the stable version of Chrome on other operating systems, too. Mac users of the dev build, which has been updated to version for them, now get extensions enabled by default. Linux users, meanwhile, should no longer find Chrome crashing when reading their Gmail.

The developer's build of Chrome can be downloaded directly or enabled using the Chrome Channel Changer.

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