Why didn't Apple think of that?

This week's Download Dispatch for Mac includes Default Folder X, TimeMachineEditor, and In-Poculous Mahjong. Get the latest Mac news and updates in the Download Dispatch for Mac.

For all the wonderful things that OS X does, flipping through folders while opening and saving documents remains a hassle. Default Folder X is an award-winning app that attaches a toolbar to the side of all your Open and Save dialogs, providing quick access to multiple folders and commands. You also can create favorite folders, making it easy to save-to or open-from your most used folders quickly.

Also this week we have TimeMachineEditor, the simple utility that lets you adjust when Time Machine backs up your data. Our game this week is In-Poculous Mahjong, the tile-matching game with fun twists not found in other games from this genre.

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