What a sneaky Stealth Bastard

Infiltrate bases, hack consoles, and race against the clock.

Stealth Bastard is stealthy PC action game  filled with obstacles, deadly pitfalls, and of course, espionage action.

Created by Curve Studios, Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole (for Windows) is a free side-scrolling platformer that that encourages using both stealth tactics and speed to race against the clock. Players control a ninjalike spy who can jump and cling to walls, hack through consoles, and sneak around the shadows. Dodge security cameras, killer lasers, and bladed pinwheels while running as fast as you can to the exit. Play through dozens of levels, download user-submitted stages, or create your own with its built-in level editor. Stealth Bastards also includes gamepad support. Sam Fisher, meet your match.

Grab your copy for free and have fun infiltrating the numerous rooms and take care to avoid the killer robot security system.

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