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Over the past months, we've been hard at work redesigning our site. Wondering what, exactly, has changed? Here's a brief tour.

Dear users,

Over the past months, we've been hard at work redesigning our site. You may have got a sneak peak at our new look and feel or you may be seeing it for the first time today. Either way, we hope that you enjoy the smoother, sleeker, and easier-to-navigate pages.

Wondering what, exactly, has changed? Here's a brief tour:

Easier-to-find content: We've reexamined our site layout to make it easier to find the software that matters to you. We've moved our Most Popular software lists front-and-center so that you can see which titles currently top our charts. We've also designed tabs with your operating system in mind, so you won't have to wade through software that you don't need.

New CNET Download.com home page
Our new, tabbed design helps you find the software most relevant to you. (Credit: CNET Download.com)

Faster page load time: Our engineers put the site on a diet. The result? Much quicker load times for each page.

New video player: We still put a video player on many of our pages, but this one looks nicer. It plays in wide screen (16:9 aspect ratio) and makes its many features--closed captioning, full-screen mode, and links to download or embed any of our videos--easier to find and use.

New video player
Our new video player now displays wide screen video. (Credit: CNET Download.com)

Better search results: Our Download.com search now returns blog posts and videos along with software titles. Also, if you like, you can customize the number of search results you get with each query.

Now you can more easily sort your search results. (Credit: CNET Download.com)

We don't want to fix what isn't broken, however. The backbone of Download.com remains the same: more than 100,000 downloads, all guaranteed spyware-free.

Like what you see? Frustrated by the change? We want to know what you think, so please send us feedback.

The CNET Download.com team

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