Wake up to Pandora and smell the free Spotify

Two of the top music apps recently made big updates to the way you listen to music.

Pandora gets alarm clock function

(iOS, Android)

Earlier this year, Pandora added the Sleep Timer function to its mobile app so that Pandora listeners can fall asleep to their favorite stations. Now users can wake up to their beloved tunes with the new Pandora Alarm Clock. Music lovers no longer have to settle for the stock alarm clock's limited sound selections (thanks to iOS, quacking ducks now enrage me to no end). This long-awaited and much-welcome feature comes with the standard alarm clock features, such as timer and snooze, and Alarm Clock even ties in with the Sleep Timer.

Read the release and check out the instructions on this nifty feature.

Spotify mobile now serves up free music to everyone

(iOS, Android)

On Wednesday, Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, announced that the company's mobile app is now free to iOS and Android users, and the streaming service -- previously available only to premium members -- is now available to anyone. The new Shuffle Play button lets users choose from their playlists and albums, but there's one catch: It plays songs at random. Users can still access their existing playlists and create new ones in the mobile app. Unfortunately, you can't hack access by creating a playlist with one song; instead, Spotify will recommend songs for you. But the good news is that the shuffle function made it possible for Spotify to obtain licensing rights to its vast library while allowing listeners to tune in for free.

Check out the Spotify press release here.

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