uTorrent 3 ready for beta testing

The next generation of the lightweight torrenting client uTorrent enters beta, signaling that features revealed earlier this year are now ready for a wider audience.

uTorrent Remote for Android (Credit: BitTorrent)

uTorrent 3.0 (download) graduated to beta yesterday, combining some impressive new features with initiatives from parent company BitTorrent to encourage legal torrent usage.

The new beta can stream videos and music while the files are still downloading, using progressive and sequential download technology. The streaming feature can also be used to preview a file before committing to a full download. The preview feature can lend itself to the new basic socialization features in uTorrent, which serve as a passive reminder while downloading that you can interact with other people also seeding or leeching the torrent.

You can now rate a torrent with from one to five stars and comment on the torrent, directly from the uTorrent interface. While some users are expressing concern that this will add bloat to what is most often thought of as a lightweight program by definition, socialization features also happen to be the fourth-most requested item in uTorrent's Idea Bank.

Another socialization feature that's been implemented in uTorrent 3.0 is the ability to send files, such as home movies or cell phone videos, directly from uTorrent. The feature creates a Web link that you can send by e-mail or post on Twitter or Facebook.

The new uTorrent works in conjunction with the uTorrent Remote Android app, which allows you to manage torrents from your Android device. You can also remotely send a completed file to the Android device.