Top 5 free downloads

This week we bring you the Top 5 free downloads based on an informal poll on Facebook and Twitter, our worst downloads of the season, and some more Windows 7 upgrading tips.

One of our chief occupations at CNET is to keep our eyes peeled for excellent freeware. We've got our own picks for ultimate free applications (and also for the most essential), but we like to consider your opinions, too. CNET Executive Editor Tom Merritt recently conducted an informal poll among his Facebook and Twitter contacts, asking for their favorite no-cost software. Here are the five apps that readers--maybe you--tapped as the best of the best.

Every yin has its yang. To balance out the five best downloads, all of them available on, are the five biggest stinkers of the season. Should your want to gawk at the combined mediocrity of these duds, these applications are also available on You've been warned.

In Windows 7 news, many of you have written in with questions about upgrading from Windows XP and Windows Vista. CNET News' Ina Fried tries to clear up some confusion about what you can and can't do with a Windows 7 upgrade disk. There. We hope that helps.

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