TiVo turns on in BlackBerry App World

RIM and TiVo join forces to release a free TiVo app for BlackBerry smartphones.

Post updated Wednesday, September 30 at 8:20 a.m. PDT with more information.

TiVo DVR Scheduler for BlackBerry

Good news comes to TV-watchers with TiVo DVRs installed in their living rooms. On Wednesday, TiVo and BlackBerry-maker RIM unveiled a free TiVo app that will let people control their TiVos from the BlackBerry smartphone.

The app will let TiVo owners see a guide of what's playing when, including browsing by category, popular shows, and daily picks. You can also search for shows by their title, a keyword, or by an actor's name. Once you find your show, you can use Tivo for BlackBerry to remotely program your home TiVo to record it. The app has dominion over multiple TiVo DVRs.

To use it, you'll need a wireless data service plan, a Series2 or Series3 standalone TiVo, 355KB memory space on a BlackBerry running v4.2 or higher of the mobile operating system.

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