Time to take another look at Seesmic for BlackBerry

Seesmic adds a slew of previously lacking features to its Twitter app for BlackBerry. It's time to take another gander.

If you've been discounting Seesmic's Twitter app for BlackBerry because of its spare tweeting features, you wouldn't be alone. As one of the newer Twitter apps for BlackBerry, Seesmic started out thin but has been steadily picking up features since its initial November '09 release.

A Thursday update to Seesmic for BlackBerry fills in some big coverage holes missing from Seesmic's proficient desktop tweeter for Windows and Mac. It may be time for those heavy Twitter users among you to get Seesmic back on your radar, if not on your BlackBerry.

Seesmic for BlackBerry v 1.2
There are two ways to retweet using Seesmic for BlackBerry. (Credit: Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET)

Retweeting is Seesmic's main addition in the latest release, where the retweet funtionality pops up into the options menu. Retweeting quickly reposts another user's 140 characters as is. For more creative control, there's also Quote, which will let you edit a tweet--even adding geolocation, a short URL, and a photo--to the message before sending.

Like Ubertwitter, Seesmic for Blackberry now includes a preview of a picture embedded within an opened tweet. Good. Now you can slake your curiosity without having to leave the app or wait for a full-size image to load in the browser. The same goes for links leading to Google maps.

Another feature to crop up within Seesmic for BlackBerry helps hasty tweeters delete embarrassing messages. If you misspeak, a deleted tweet is a click in the options menu away.

Thanks to Seesmic's new-found support for BIS-B (Blackberry Internet Service Browser), a mobile Internet network hosted by BlackBerry-maker RIM, Seesmic can still run without a Web connection. UberTwitter also supports BIS-B.

Though there are still some worrisome kinks to be worked out (for instance, our quotes showed up in the Twitter.com timeline, but not direct retweets), Seesmic has progressed enough since its earliest days to warrant further inspection.

Existing users can opt in to the update, waiting a few days for BlackBerry App World to carry the newest version, or replace the app by pointing the mobile browser to Seesmic.com and downloading on of the following:

  • Version 1.2 for BlackBerry 4.6.1 and higher
  • Version 1.1 for 4.6.0 and higher
  • Version 1.2 for Tour, Storm 1 and 2, and OS 5.0
  • Version 1.2 for OS 4.5 phones

We received an installation error when we tried replacing the app on a Bold 9700, but deleting the previous install and rebooting did the trick.

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