Star Apps: Mark Pellegrino

The "Tomorrow People" star gives his top app picks for yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

He's played damaged Paul on "Dexter," villainous Lucifer on "Supernatural," vampire mob boss Bishop on "Being Human," sinister Dr. Jedikiah Price (his current role) on "The Tomorrow People," and upcoming turns as antagonists in feature films "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" and "The Trials of Cate McCall." Actor Mark Pellegrino has forged an impressive career out of playing bad boys.

Don\'t let the roles fool you. When the cameras are off, actor Mark Pellegrino is the ultimate good guy. (Credit: Manfred Baumann)

But when caught up with the actor, between shoots of "The Tomorrow People," we discovered that when the cameras aren't rolling, he's just a nice, mellow family guy who draws, practices French, and loves a game of chess and checkers. Pellegrino has a favorite app for each of his pastimes and was happy to share them with us.

Sell us on your top five apps.
I'm a terrible salesman, FYI. I did telephone sales a few times in my life, trying to make rent. I sold magazines and tried to sell equipment to golf courses that actually wanted the equipment, and I still couldn't sell them. I don't know if I'm the best person to ask about selling.

OK, fair enough. Then just tell us.

My wife is huge into Draw.To, so she got me into it because it's a way of connecting with each other. So she draws these amazing things that take her three hours to do, and she's always saying, "Send me a drawing back, send me a drawing back," and I'll send her something crappy. But it's our way of connecting with each other. We are even going to start taking art classes together. I feel like I won't be good, but she will.

Because I've been trying to learn French, I use Conjugator, a French verb conjugation app, which is pretty good. Right before I came here, I was taking French, because I wanted to be able to speak French to the Montreal crew when I knew I would be doing episodes of "Being Human." But it turned out that the last four months I've been here in Vancouver, I haven't done one minute of French homework. But while I was doing it, I was pretty obsessive about it and trying to understand things and used this app to conjugate verbs, because it was complicated. So, to make it easy on myself, I had this ready app. Since I'm getting older, I try to keep my brain active and mix up my world a little bit.

I love iTunes. It's great, and I've been putting tons of music on my iPhone.

I'm a big fan of the navigation system on Maps for iPhone. It's much better than the Google Maps, because it comes up with route alternatives.

I love the Weather app. When I travel, I neurotically and obsessively check the weather where I'm going, because I'm a real big fan of clear skies when I'm flying.

All work and no games makes Mark a sinister boy. But that\'s nothing that checkers and chess can\'t fix. (Credit: Manfred Baumann)

Checkers and Chess
There's a Game Center on the iPhone that's really cool, and I play Checkers and Chess in between sets.

Currency Plus
My currency app, Currency Plus, is great because I can plug in the currency wherever I am and get the currency exchange -- and I always use that.

I have an app called FastFood, which is phenomenal. I plug in the name of a restaurant wherever I am, and I can put in "Greek food" or "French food," and it tells me all the places in the area.

Embark New York City
When we did the pilot in New York, I had a great subway app called Embark New York City, and it was great. I could get anywhere.

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