Spring-clean your smartphone

11 apps that can improve your phone's performance.

The smartphone is the ultimate decluttering tool -- it's your address book, clock, calendar, camera, and music collection, and it can do a lot of what your computer does. But the more apps you have, the less space and speed your phone has, and the more you're at risk for poor privacy settings or bad apps that compromise your info. Give your device a deep cleaning with the following 10 apps for better performance and privacy.

Vanquish viruses

AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster (Android)


AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster enables you to check, clean, and erase unnecessary files, browsing history, call logs, and space-wasting apps from your Android's internal and SD cards. This will not only boost speed, but also create space for the apps and files you actually need. The battery booster shows which processes are eating up power so you can turn them off for better battery life.

Lookout Security & Antivirus (Android)


Lookout Security & Antivirus boasts constant, over-the-air protection from viruses, malware, adware, and spyware. If you upgrade from free to premium, you get more browsing protection and a privacy adviser to show you how apps are accessing your personal info.

Avira Mobile Security (iOS)


Avira Mobile Security provides an on-demand malicious process scanner and an address book scanner to ensure your contacts' identities are safe. The app also features Avira Answers, a user community to answer your tech-related questions.

Trash junk

Checker (iOS)


Beautifully designed Checker scans your phone and show what's been hogging resources. Then you can make better informed decisions about what can stay and what must go.

Clean Master (Android)


If your Android phone is running slowly and its battery is running out too quickly, download Clean Master. This optimizing app gets rid of junk files and uninstalls unwanted apps.

Toss spam

Unlistr (iOS, Android)


Unlistr quickly scans 50 emails at once, so you can safely unsubscribe from newsletters, retail ads, shopping websites, and more. The Pro version scans 1,000 emails at a time from multiple accounts and lets you schedule periodic scanning to ensure that you receive only the email that matters most.

Clear contacts

Contacts+ (iOS, Android)


Contacts+ organizes, searches, and displays your contacts alphabetically, as well as by call frequency and favorites, so you get the results you need quickly. Built-in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn contact info enables you to interact with your social contacts in app.

FullContact (iOS)


FullContact merges Google Contacts, iPhone Contacts, and social media accounts in one place. Additionally, it adds tags to your contacts for easy sorting and automatically merges duplicates to save you time and space.

Spring Cleaning (iOS)


If you have too many contacts to sift through, you'll love Spring Cleaning. This helpful app lets you select multiple contacts for one-click deletion, hide contacts, and restore deleted contacts easily.

Organize tasks

Trello (iOS, Android)


Trello enables you to organize individual or collaborative tasks, eliminating the need for multiple note-taking or productivity apps to complete your projects. You can create shareable white boards with to-dos, comments, and media files.

Streamline finances

Mint Bills & Money (iOS, Android)


Having a hard time tracking your bills and bank accounts? Mint Bills & Money puts these in one place, alerts you when bills are due and when your accounts are running low, and enables you to pay bills in app, which eliminates the need for separate banking apps.

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