SplashMoney financial manager comes to Windows Mobile phones

Track budgets, transactions, and other financial activity with this personal finance app, newly available for Windows Mobile smartphones and PocketPCs.

SplashMoney for Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile users looking for a way to manage their personal finance from their phones ought to take a look at SplashMoney for Windows Mobile smartphones and PocketPCs, which just became available this week. The two-way app synchronizes with a desktop companion (included in the mobile download) to keep information current between the phone and computer, though SplashMoney also works as a standalone app on the phone as well as the Mac or PC.

Similar to most mobile money managers, SplashMoney lets you store and track financial data such as credit card details, account balances, budgets, and expenses. You'll also be able to download information from an online account and view data in chart and report form. There are, of course, customization options to assign icons to entries and to change colors.

Since you input the data into categories, the app requires some time investment up front, either on the device or on the computer companion app. Though SplashMoney is password-protected with 256-bit Blowfish encryption, we always recommend ramping up the security settings on any device containing sensitive personal or financial data, in case it gets stolen or tampered with.

Until now, SplashMoney has only been available for Palm OS. The 30-day trial is fully functional on Windows Mobile phones, including touch-screen models, and costs $29.95 to own.

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