Skyfire's response to iPhone's Opera Mini: Us, too!

Surprising no one, Skyfire announces its intention to build a mobile browser for iPhone.

When Opera Software announced late Monday that its Opera Mini browser would hit the iPhone App Store, we guessed it wouldn't be long before we saw other browser-makers follow suit by producing similar efforts that get around Apple's restrictions facing iPhone browsers that compete with the native Safari.

Looks like our guess was correct. On Tuesday, Skyfire, another mobile browser maker, blogged a post congratulating Opera for its success and stating Skyfire's intention to speed up its own development for "iDevices" like the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Of course, as a competitor, it is Skyfire CEO Jeff Glueck's prerogative to point out that Skyfire supports Flash and plays back video with its mobile proxy browser where Opera Mini for iPhone doesn't. Safari doesn't support Flash either, so Skyfire could potentially tip the scale by sneaking Flash support onto the iPhone.

We're always up for a good challenge, and we'd love to compare Safari, Opera Mini, and Skyfire side-by-side. We're also curious if Skyfire manages to avoid some of Opera Mini's proxy-related pitfalls, some of which we outline in this First Look video.

Alright, Skyfire, bring it on!

Updated 4/14/2010 at 12:00 pm PT with more information.

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