Skyfire shoots off Symbian browser update

The latest Skyfire mobile browser gets a new look and smooth scrolling.

Skyfire 1.5 on Symbian

It was just last month that Skyfire pushed out its latest mobile browser build for Windows phones. Now Skyfire is paying Symbian Series 60 phones their due. On Wednesday, the Opera Mobile competitor releases Skyfire 1.5 for Symbian S60 phones (third edition) and a beta for fifth-edition handsets.

It's smooth scrolling from here on out.

Like Skyfire 1.5 on Windows phones, the Symbian version takes some of the jerkiness out of scrolling up and down a page. That's in addition to giving the browser interface a fresh lick of paint, as Skyfire did with that Windows build mentioned above.

The Skyfire beta for Symbian S60 fifth-edition (touch screen) phones offers full screen mode, as did its Windows Mobile counterpart, as well as the capability to rotate into landscape mode when the phone flips to its side.

You'll be able to download Skyfire for Symbian for free by navigating to from the mobile Web browser.

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