Shout out your mobile screenshots with Ilium Screen Capture

A free screenshot creator for Pocket PC and Windows Smartphone makes mobile screen capture a one-click operation.

Screen Capture by Ilium Software

SnagIt is great for taking screenshots of your PC, but why should stationary users have all the fun?

After all, handset screens may be smaller, but are they any less worthy of digital capture? If you're still using your digital camera to take said screenshots of your Windows Pocket PC or Smartphone, it's time you discovered Screen Capture, a free, friendly app you can load from your PC that takes stills of your mobile screen. Unlike other screenshot programs, you open Screen Capture before shooting your image and close it when you're through, jumping from the program Start menu to the desired screen to grab those shots. Because the app snuggles into the Start menu, it's painless to toggle between screens.

The options menu lets you customize which hardware button becomes your shutter's hot key. "App 1" is the default, but you can choose your favorite of four button triggers. The biggest trick is working out which app number corresponds to which button--on our HP iPaq, "App 1" is the handset's leftmost key.

Click away, and lo and behold, screenshots save as bitmap (BMP) files, accessible through File Explorer. Saving screenshots to your PC is as easy as copying files from the device via ActiveSync (Tools-->Explore device.)

Screen Capture conveniently supports a wide range of Windows Mobile and Windows CE platforms, beginning with Windows Mobile 2003 and above in both handsets. You're also in luck if you've got Windows CE 4.20 and above on your Pocket PC, or Windows CE 4.21 on your Smartphone. Get ready, small-screen shutterbug.

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