Sell your stuff securely

These six apps help you photograph, list, and sell without hassle.

Are you ready to unload unwanted holiday gifts or get a head start on spring cleaning? You don't have to organize a day-wasting garage sale or meet with unverified Craigslist users. There's a faster, safer way: These six apps let you securely sell your stuff in a snap.

Sell everything

Carousell (iOS, Android)


Carousell helps you sell anything: old phones, clothing, sports gear, antiques, cars, homes. To post an ad, tap the camera button and take up to four pictures of your item. You can then edit the photos in the app. Then choose a category, create a title and a description, set a price, and you're done. For maximum exposure, share your ad to trusted groups (organized by school, neighborhood, and so on) within the app or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Buyers must sign up with an email or Facebook account, and they can contact you with questions or make a purchase without gaining access to your personal contact info via the app's Private Chat feature.

Sell women's clothing and accessories

Poshmark (iOS, Android)


Maybe you've bought a bunch of clothes in the hopes of someday fitting into them, but that day never came. Or maybe you'd like to sell last season's Kanye West for this season's Marc Jacobs. To sell your new or gently worn women's clothing or accessories, tap your camera button to photograph your item and enhance the photo with one of eight provided filters. Then describe it and fill out additional info: Category, Size, Brand, Color, and Original and Listing Price. Poshmark will instantly calculate your earnings after its fee. If your item is sold for $15 or less, you'll be charged a flat fee of $2.95. If it sells for more, the company takes 20 percent. If that seems like a lot, know that it includes a prepaid shipping label, credit card processing, customer support, and buyer protection. Then share your listing to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr directly from the app. Prospective buyers must sign up for an account via email or Facebook and can only contact you in the app, so your contact info is kept private.

Vinted (iOS, Android)


If a picture of a sellable item is worth a thousand words, then a video that lets you to see how an item moves is worth a million. Vinted enables you to list women's clothing and accessories via photo or video. Just tap the Sell button, then the + button, to add either. Vinted also encourages you to add a photo of the front when worn, the back, the label, and flaws or stains, so that you're offering buyers a more comprehensive look. Then add a title, description, brand, category, size, condition, colors, retail and selling prices, and shipping (which the buyer pays for). Vinted takes 19 percent of your earnings, which covers payment and processing. You can also swap items on Vinted. If you're feeling generous, you can give unwanted items away. Buyers must use an email or Facebook account to sign up and can contact you in the app, which protects your privacy.

Sell locally

OfferUp (iOS, Android)


OfferUp is about selling locally. For your safety, buyers must sign up for an account via email or Facebook and get only your general location. To list an item, tap the camera button, and take up to five photos of your item, categorize and describe it, and move the slider to match its condition from For Parts to New. Then set your price and toggle Yes or No for the "Firm on price?" question. Then sit back and wait for the offers from verified buyers to pour in via secure messages within the app.

Wallapop (iOS, Android)


Available in 18 cities across the US, Wallapop enables locals to sell cars, electronics, phones, tablets, clothes, books, video games, home decor, and more. For your privacy, buyers never get your exact location, just an approximate one. To list an item, tap the camera button to take up to four photos. Give your item a title, headline, description, and category. Then mark whether you'll accept trades, whether the price is firm, and whether shipping is available. Then share via Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Mail, or WhatsApp. Prospective buyers must sign up using their email address or Facebook account, and your contact info remains hidden. They can either counter your offer or purchase straight away in the app.

5miles (iOS, Android)


5miles uses your GPS location to reach prospective customers in your area who are searching for clothing, electronics, furniture, and more. To list an item, tap List, add up to two photos, a title, text or voice description, price, category, and any additional info, and publish. While most selling apps use Facebook verification or email and phone number verification, 5miles goes the extra distance, asking users to verify at least two out of three to make sure that they're legit. To protect your privacy, rated and reviewed buyers can only send you questions and offers via the in-app messaging system, and your exact location is never given out.

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