Seesmic updates Blackberry, Windows Twitter apps

A minor update to Seesmic's Twitter app for BlackBerry adds support for multiple accounts,, and a new photo service.

Seesmic has seen a flurry of development on the Web, desktop, and mobile phones lately. Last week, the third-party developer of Twitter apps released an update to its Web-based Twitter manager that outmaneuvered its downloadable Windows apps.

Seesmic for BlackBerry 1.3
Seesmic's BlackBerry update lets you tweet from 10 accounts. (Credit: Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET)

Seesmic also issued a version bump for its BlackBerry app. The new Seesmic for BlackBerry 1.3 now supports posting messages on up to 10 Twitter accounts versus just one default account. You view only one account at a time, and switch accounts from the bottom of the context menu. It's not a seamless transfer, but it works. Seesmic for BlackBerry also gains support for, a service that pings your status messages to dozens social networks.

On the photo front, Seesmic's BlackBerry app integrates the TweetPhoto service in addition to yFrog and Twitpic, and also introduces sizing options for you to upload images in small, medium, or original resolutions. We're glad to see Seesmic handling multiple accounts on BlackBerry, but unfortunately, you need to set up your default account anew when you install the new version. You can download the BlackBerry app from for OS 4.7 and above--including the Bold, Tour, Curve, and Storm 1 and 2.

Seesmic for Windows also got a refresh (to be distinguished from the cross-platform AIR app, Seesmic Desktop). Version 0.6 adds some absent basics--the capability to follow, unfollow, and block users, mark a tweet as spam, and choose between the as-is retweet style and Seesmic's "Quote," which lets you edit retweets before sending. The one slightly more advanced feature lets you access Twitter lists from the app. Even with the added features and bug fixes, the app suffered from stability hiccups and a weird display glitch.

Seesmic's AIR app and online portal are still your best desktop bets. The cross-platform TweetDeck and Twhirl are other good alternatives.

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