Searching secrets

In this edition of the Windows Newsletter, we show you how to set up custom searches using the address bar, and talk a whole lot about browsers.

If you've always wished for a way to search a favorite Web site without loading the page first, you're in luck. We show you a hot tip for creating keywords that you can drop into your browser's address bar. After typing the keyword, you'll type your search term and voila! You'll be rewarded with search results from the site. Best yet, the tip works with most Web browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

Speaking of Opera, the Norwegian browsermaker graduated its latest beta, which has now become the most recent stable version. Opera 10.50 gets a new look and even more importantly, a new JavaScript engine that brings it in closer competition with Google Chrome.

In other browser news, a European antitrust case against Microsoft shines the spotlight on several alternative browsers. We're talking about browsers that make Safari, Opera, and Chrome look mainstream, like GreenBrowser, Maxthon, and K-Meleon. Read the story and get the full list of "other" other browsers here.

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