Save your drivers from oblivion with DriverMax

DriverMax's slick interface helps you back up and reinstall your drivers, one at a time, a few at a time, or all at once.

A great tool for when you're mucking about with reinstalling an operating system or just want to have several fail safes going is DriverMax, which backs up your drivers one at a time, a few at a time, or all at once. From registration to implementation, DriverMax works fast, runs smooth, and even does more than mere safe-checking.

When you run the app, it asks you if you'd like to run the trial version or apply for a registration key. The key is free, though, requiring only an e-mail address and your name. Once you've entered the key, the program interface appears, with slick button navigation: Driver Operations, Updates and Identification, and Popular Hardware. Mousing over one reveals more choices, so you can export your drivers, import drivers, or view an installed drivers report. It's nice to see a logical and underused twist on this familiar program navigation layout.

The DriverMax main window. (Credit: Innovative Solutions, Inc.)

Updates lets you update both the DriverMax software and the drivers themselves, although as of this writing there is a warning label on the DriverMax driver update Web site: You cannot currently download driver updates directly from them. Still, the program can also identify unknown hardware and point you in the direction of popular hardware options, pointing users to a compilation of statistics about different video cards and processors.

The strongest features, though, are related to driver backup and reinstalls. They function smoothly, offering users the option to back up all drivers, or compile a customized list. Reinstalling an "accidentally" deleted driver was as pain-free as could be, and the log is an excellent place to double-check what's been backed up, what's been restored, and where you've gone wrong.

DriverMax allows users to back up drivers one at a time, cherry-pick a few, or back them up all at once. (Credit: Innovative Solutions, Inc.)

Extremely effective and lightweight, this is a great utility tool that should appeal to newbies, advanced hackers, and everybody in between.