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CNET widgets released as part of the Open Content Platform offers Web publishers the chance to add content from CNET, Chow, GameSpot, BNET, and TV.com to their own sites. Learn how to sign up for your own CNET widget.

CNET Personal Tech widget
CNET Personal Tech widget (Credit: CNET Networks)

As part of its Open Content Platform, CNET Networks has created a variety of HTML widgets from five of its Web properties--CNET, GameSpot, Chow, BNET, and TV.com--that anyone can stick on his or her own Web site. After completing a short registration form, publishers can get CNET technology videos (widget), GameSpot game reviews (widget), TV.com interviews and features (widget), business-oriented arcticles and videos from BNET (widget), and food-oriented features from Chow (widget).

The HTML widgets come in a variety of shapes and flavors. Some widgets, such as CNET Personal Tech, TV.com, and Gamespot, serve their content in a standard 300x550 size. BNET provides articles and videos for business managers in three sizes--160x800, 300x500, and 500x360. Most prolifically, there are two different shapes (160x800 and 300x550) of four types of widgets from the food-focused Web site Chow--recipes, stories, videos, and message boards, including localized message board widgets for New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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To get CNET videos on your own site, navigate to the the CNET Personal Tech Widget page. Click the "View 350x550" link to view the widget. Then click "Get It Now" to access the registration form. Simply fill out the quick form, and you'll be presented with a window including the code for the widget you requested. Stick that HTML code onto your Web site, and voila. In case you lose the page with the widget code, CNET will e-mail a copy of the HTML widget to the e-mail address with which you register.

As an example, I've included the CNET Personal Tech widget to the right. Are you interested in including free CNET content on your Web site? What sort of CNET widgets would you like to see in the future?

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