Protect your identity

AVG updates two of its popular security apps, promising faster scans and protection against identity theft.

Cautionary tales about identity theft are everywhere: blared from the TV, inked in news stories, and relayed with horrified detail in conversations among friends. Heck, I've had to deal with a lifted wallet myself. Anyone who's been there can attest that despite quick calls to the credit card companies and banks, dealing with the aftermath is still a hassle. But physical larceny is one thing; digital defrauding can quickly become a much deeper, broader, and unmitigated violation that can stretch to the bottom of your savings accounts and social circles.

The publishers behind the popular AVG security program franchise have introduced a new tool in AVG Anti-Virus 9 and AVG Free Edition to help combat computer thievery. In partnership with security service Identity Guard, the Identity Theft Recovery Unit sits with the browser toolbar, and can help U.S. customers access credit report tools and monitoring support services if you are hit.

The new AVG Anti-Virus 9 and AVG Internet Security 9 offer more features besides, and claim faster speeds. To find out if AVG 9's products live up to the claims, read our hands-on review.

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