Power Downloader uses audio-editing software

When a contact in Spain spots Doc Destroyer, Power Downloader jumps into action to help using a popular audio-editing program.

Power Downloader

Recently, Power Downloader received an e-mail from a contact in Spain who worked as a well-liked bellhop for a large hotel in the coastal city of Valencia. What the hotel management didn't know was that their trusted bellhop was secretly highly skilled in wiretapping and the use of parabolic microphones, which is why Power Downloader kept him in his list of contacts. Immediately interested, Power turned off his MP3 player and read further.

In the e-mail, the contact explained that, after noticing the devious Doc Destroyer had entered his hotel, he decided to get his recording gear to see what information he could pick up. The problem was, though he may have picked up a criminal conversation between Doc Destroyer and an unknown villain, he wouldn't be able to process the audio until he returned home hours later. The contact explained he was worried Doc Destroyer might be up to no good and it might be better if Power Downloader could find out what was in the audio recording immediately. Attached to the e-mail was the audio file.

When Power Downloader played the audio file, he quickly realized the surrounding hotel sounds and other voices would make it difficult to pick up on the conversation. With no time to lose, Power Downloader launched his browser and went to Download.com. He quickly found GoldWave, a popular and feature-rich audio-editing app. After loading the file into GoldWave, Power used the program's filters to bring down extraneous noise and isolate the conversation with Doc Destroyer. With the audio now focused on the conversation, Power quickly surmised that the unknown villain was some sort of government official who needed several incriminating files securely destroyed from his network. Doc Destroyer told the man it wouldn't be a problem.

Power Downloader quickly alerted the Valencia authorities and responded to his contact thanking him for his help. Unfortunately, though the authorities reaction time was fast, Doc Destroyer managed to slip away once again into the night.

With GoldWave still up on screen, Power Downloader realized the program could be used for much more than catching criminals. With real-time visuals, sound editing, high-quality audio output, and mixing capabilities, any aspiring DJ or music hobbiest would love the flexibility of this program. It was only too bad that this time a great program wouldn't bring in the bad guy. Power Downloader would be watching closely for the fiendish Doc Destroyer in the weeks to come.

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