Power Downloader plays a free RTS game

When Power Downloader needs a little time off from his daily duties, he likes to spend his downtime playing games from Download.com.

Power Downloader

After spending the morning hours organizing his documents and case files, Power Downloader decides it's high time for a break. Though he's happy with his organizational progress so far, Power knows that he can't spend all of his time working. After all, a little relaxation and time out from a project often helps to recharge both the body and the mind.

To make the most of his downtime, Power Downloader decides a little gaming is just the thing to help him relax. With nothing new to play on his computer, Power decides to check out the top games at Download.com. After only a few clicks of his mouse, it doesn't take Power long to find Glest an open-source, free real-time strategy game in the vein of Blizzard's older Warcraft-type games. This game lets Power choose between two races, one whose primary ability is magic and the other, which focuses on tech. Once the game has started, the 3D graphics and slow-moving gameplay provide the perfect escape from Power's cleaning tasks. But Power soon realizes that Glest is more than just a relaxing diversion. To build an ultimate fighting force to stave off his computer controlled enemies, Power will need to plan his strategy, secure his resources, and focus on time-management. By the end of his first game, the enemy outmatched Power's abilities, but it only made him want to master the game and come up with a new strategy.

Power Downloader
Managing resources and units in the early part of the game is crucial for success. (Credit: CNET Networks)

Power Downloader knows Glest may not be on par with some of today's popular commercial RTS games, but the classic strategy feel, smooth 3D graphics, and countless weapon- and building-upgrade options make the game both fun and challenging. Also, the variety between the two races gives this free game plenty of replay value.

When Power Downloader finally quits Glest, he realizes that he may have spent a little too much time in his virtual world. With only a few hours left in the day, Power resolves to finish organizing his documents, but when he's done, he'll have more time to build a new strategy for the battlefield.

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