Power Downloader manages his backups

When Power Downloader finds out his backups are a mess, he heads to Download.com to find the perfect program for the job.

Power Downloader

When Power Downloader recently realized his backup system was beginning to grow cluttered, he knew he needed to take action. As someone who routinely backs up case files and secret documents to separate drives for safe keeping, the first area Power decided to clean up was where there might be duplicates or outdated files. The only problem was, with so many versions of similar files on several drives, he wasn't sure what to keep and what to delete.

To make sure all his documents were the latest version, Power Downloader installed ViceVersa Free. With this program on his PC, Power was able to compare folders and files on his hard drives, thumb drives, and old CDs to find the latest versions of each file. Simply by picking one folder on one drive and the corresponding folder on a backup drive, Power was able to see a side-by-side list of files in common and the information associated with each file. Once he determined which drives had the latest versions of his important files, Power was able to synchronize the drives using the ViceVersa Synchronize button. With several ways to view and sort his files, Power Downloader was able to sift through his various backup drives and delete all the files that had become obsolete.

Power Downloader knows that staying in the habit of backing up important data is a great practice. With ViceVersa Free, Power has the added confidence that all of his backup files are the latest versions.

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