Power Downloader finds the right words

When Kitty Kilobyte asks Power Downloader for software to help her with an English class, Power finds just the program for the job.


When Power Downloader recently sat down to check his e-mail, he quickly noticed a message from his niece, Kitty Kilobyte. In the message, Kitty explained that she would soon be attending a summer English class, which would mean she would probably be writing a lot of papers. She went on to explain that though she was embarrassed to admit it, spelling wasn't her greatest skill, and any software he could recommend would be a big help.

Thinking quickly, Power Downloader pointed his Web browser to Download.com to see what he could find to help Kitty. After only a couple of searches on different keywords, Power came upon the perfect program: WordWeb. With this program installed, Kitty could quickly check her spelling on challenging words by using a hot key. With WordWeb up on the screen, Kitty could check similarly spelled words, synonyms for better word selection, and seamlessly look up a word on Wikipedia or Wiktionary, right from WordWeb's interface. For particularly complex words, Kitty could even hear the word pronounced via Windows' speech engine.

After sending a link to WordWeb to Kitty Kilobyte, Power Downloader decided to keep the program on his hard drive. Though he's not a bad speller, it never hurts to double-check, and with WordWeb, double-checking is only a hot key away.

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