Power Downloader finds a better way to manage files

Moving files around in Windows Explorer is not always convenient. Fortunately, Power Downloader has found a program to make file management a snap.

Power Downloader

On his main desktop computer at the Power Lair, Power Downloader has huge hard drive volumes filled with old case files, spy photos, and secret documents. Though he's a master of software and navigating the intricacies of Windows to get the files he wants, he has always found that Windows Explorer isn't exactly ideal for some of his more complicated file management tasks. Fortunately there's a better way.

When it comes to finding and managing files and folders, Power Downloader uses Xplorer2 Lite. With this free program installed, Power can view his files and directories in side-by-side panes, making it easy to move documents from one location to another. With a familiar Windows Explorer tree system on the left, Power can quickly find which directories he wants to work with. From there, he can navigate between two main panes to copy, cut, and paste files into different folders, all without leaving the program's interface. What's more, Xplorer2 Lite offers several shortcuts; these allow Power to copy files to different folders on the fly, quickly bring up the Properties window for any file, and preview several file types without having to open a separate program.

When Power Downloader first ran Xplorer2 Lite, he immediately noticed the convenience of being able to switch between panes to move and preview files, and wondered why Windows Explorer didn't work the same way. With Xplorer2 Lite installed, Power knows that most of his regular file maintenance will now be a breeze, allowing him to focus more on solving Internet criminal cases rather than wasting time on file management.

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