Power Downloader eliminates distractions with Dark Room

Finishing a writing project on your computer can be difficult with all the distractions of the Internet, e-mail, and chat clients. Check out Power Downloader's tool to eliminate distractions so he can get down to business.

Power Downloader

Power Downloader knows one of the most difficult things about studying and writing papers is staying focused. When he received a stressed out e-mail from Kitty Kilobyte recently saying she was trying to write a paper for school, but kept getting distracted, Power knew all too well what she was talking about. Even when Power Downloader needs to get to work, he will sometimes find himself surfing the Web or checking e-mail, so he knows how easy it is to get distracted. Over time, Power is sure Kitty will develop the skills necessary to focus on her work, but for now he decided would try to find her the perfect tool to stay focused.

Dark Room
Dark Room only gives users the essentials so they can focus on writing (Credit: CNET Networks)

After some searching at Download.com, Power Downloader came upon a little textpad application called Dark Room. While the program is not particularly strong on features, it does one thing very well: it eliminates distraction. With Dark Room on her computer, Kitty would be able to write her paper without the usual distractions of her computer's desktop. Dark Room would let Kitty write in full screen with a black background so all the chat notifications, e-mail alerts, and other distractions are conveniently hidden out of view. If she didn't like the default black background, she could switch the background color, the text color, and the font, all in the Dark Room options. Playing with some of the options, Power couldn't help but think this application would be extremely useful for writers as well if they knew all the hot keys. A helpful readme file comes with the download and Power Downloader made sure to point out in his e-mail to Kitty she should read it for all of Dark Room's features and hot keys before she gets started.

After sending the e-mail with a link to Dark Room to Kitty, Power Downloader decides some of his old criminal case summaries could use a little work. With Dark Room, Power Downloader won't have to worry about being distracted while he remembers past pursuits of Internet bad guys.

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