Power Downloader e-mails large files

Kitty Kilobyte wants to send friends and family lots of photos and video from her summer vacations, and Power Downloader has a one-word plan to help her: Pando.

Summer is fast approaching, and Power Downloader is fielding lots of vacation-related questions. Kitty Kilobyte wants to know what's the best way to send her friends and family photos and video of her upcoming trip to South America. Pando for Windows and Mac is the way to go, says Power D.

Pando lets users send large file attachments through a unique "packaging" system. Great for summer videos!

Power then explains that with Pando installed, Kitty can drag and drop her large folder of images and WMVs into the Pando interface, which lets her send Power D, Francois Foto, and virtually anybody else in her address book a message with a link. When Power clicks that link, he'll be able to download the folder of images very quickly through Pando--especially since he knows they both have fast Internet connections. Best of all, if either of their computers crash during any part of the process, Pando picks up where it left off upon restart.

Pando does have some limitations, though. The free version can only handle file attachment "packages" up to 1 GB and 5 GB on Pando's servers at any one time, while premium users get 3 GB per package and 10 GB on the server. Encryption is also only available to those who pay. But since Kitty Kilobyte can embed a package in an e-mail, in an IM chat, or on a Web site, Power Downloader is expecting to see and hear about her trip long before it's over.