Power Downloader customizes his desktop

When Kitty Kilobyte asks Power Downloader for a way to customize her desktop, Power takes special care to find the perfect software.

Power Downloader

While Power Downloader was sifting through criminal case files recently, he received an e-mail from Kitty Kilobyte who had gone back to school. After telling him of her latest "impossible" assignments and new "amazing" friends she had made, Kitty had an interesting software request. Kitty wanted some way to make her computer stand out from the rest of her classmates. She figured, if she's the niece of a famous software superhero, it should show--perhaps even if it's just in her computer's interface.

WindowBlinds lets you switch styles quickly and easily for a whole new computing experience. (Credit: CNET Networks)

Letting the "famous" flattery from his niece go right to his head, Power Downloader did a little extra searching at Download.com to see what he could come up with. With a little research, Power was able to find WindowBlinds. With this application installed on Kitty's computer, she would be able to change the look and feel of her desktop to fit her style. Several options for themes came with the 30-day trial that would let Kitty sample different types to see what she liked. With the full version of the program, she would be able to pick from hundreds of user-designed themes at the WinCustomize Web site. She could also create her own skins using the freely available SkinStudio. One thing Power decided he needed to note, in case Kitty shared the program with her friends at school, was that WindowBlinds required a little extra RAM to run smoothly. Her friends with slower systems might need to think twice before using this program.

At the end of his e-mail to Kitty Kilobyte, Power Downloader let her know that if she liked the program, he would pay the shareware fee so she could keep her unique themes. Hopefully, when Kitty booted up her system with a fancy theme, she would always think of her "famous" uncle, the software superhero.

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