Power Downloader: Best adventures of 2007

As he sits alone in the Powerlair after another another great year gone by, Power Downloader takes a few moments to reflect on past adventures. With 2008 just a few days away, he hopes he continue to help people with great downloads from Download.com.

Power Downloader

With the holidays over and only a few days to go in 2007, Power Downloader decided to take a look back at the year to relive some of his more exciting adventures. Always knowing which software to download in a given emergency is never easy, but having Download.com at his disposal definitely helps when on the trail of an Internet bad guy.

Looking through his case files, Power Downloader remembered the time when he had to get a new laptop computer. As with anytime Power needs to get a new computer, he knew he wouldn't be comfortable until he headed over to Download.com to pick up his must-have apps for security and major everyday tasks. Security programs are especially important on that first run of a new computer, and he knew just what software standbys to download.

As Power Downloader continued to flip through page after page of past exploits, he came upon the time he was out in the field when suddenly he realized his hard drive was almost completely full. Fortunately, like any emergency situation, Power Downloader always knows where to find the best software to make space on his hard drive.

Among the great events of 2007, Power Downloader can't forget his niece Kitty Kilobyte. With her away at school for much of the year and sometimes in need of his help, he was always happy to find the perfect download in hopes that it would make her life a little bit easier. On one occasion she needed a way to easily distinguish between high-res and regular images from her digital camera. Always quick to help out his niece, Power Downloader knew the perfect program to sort through images for free.

With the clock ticking down on 2007 and another year to capture criminals just ahead, Power Downloader reflected on how glad he was to be able to do the things he loved. Keeping folks safe has always been his mission, but the ongoing search for great software would continue to be his passion.

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