Peggle for iPhone goes on sale

A game I wrote off as just another casual game when it came out is now on sale. After getting it at the reduced price, I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and addictive this game is.

iPhone App Sale

Have you played Peggle? This iPhone game came out some time ago and was an immediate hit at the app store for its strange and extremely addictive gameplay. The game just went on sale for 99 cents, but it will only last until midnight Sunday, June 14.

The object of Peggle is to shoot balls from the top of the screen and hit all the orange pegs before you run out of balls. You can use the touch screen or the scroll wheel to aim your shot, but make sure that the shot ricochets in a direction that will hit the most pegs on the way down. There are several colored pegs that give cool bonuses like multiball and score multipliers, so aiming your shots well is crucial if you want to get the big points. Once you've hit all the orange pegs, Peggle goes into a further bonus round as your ball slowly bounces across the screen hitting a few more pegs (if you're lucky) and lands in one of five bonus point areas at the bottom of the screen. Several brightly colored levels offer various peg configurations so each level offers unique challenges for you to conquer as you try to hit all the orange pegs.

In later levels, you'll need to hit orange blocks as well as pegs (Credit: CNET)

A friend of mine already told me I should download Peggle when it came out, but at the time it seemed a bit too much like a casual game for my taste. I stand corrected. Now that I've downloaded Peggle at the 99-cent sale price, I definitely recommend it as a well-designed and addictive time-waster.

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