New Gadu-Gadu chat beta gets VoIP

Poland's popular instant messenger tries on voice chatting and new skins.


Popular Polish chat client Gadu-Gadu announced on Wednesday a new beta version of its instant messenger. The beta version boasts the same VoIP protocol that hosts Yahoo and AOL's free voice chats over the Internet. While Windows Live Messenger and Skype have also long enjoyed Internet telephony integrated with chat, these VoIP services will be a welcome addition for Gadu-Gadu's 6 million users.

This latest beta release also adds new skins, including two throwbacks to Gadu-Gadu's classic messenger, and lets you hide your avatar. In addition, the build improves stability and reduces program memory.

Be forewarned, the installation and setup is wholly Polish. Non-Polish speakers who'd like to try out the messenger, however, and who make it through the signup process, can connect with friends on Gadu-Gadu (without voice chatting) through multiprotocol IM clients Pidgin and Miranda IM.

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