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Mobiola Studio
With Mobiola Studio, you could create a YouTube video hall of fame. (Credit: Warelex)

What makes a cell phone more than a phone? What it can do. Software can elevate your plastic slider, candy bar, or PDA above its earthly mechanics and turn it into the kind of dream machine that entertains you and organizes your life.

Consider, for example, ListPro (for Pocket PC, Palm, and Smartphone), a handy organizer with a slew of built-in, customizable list templates for managing everything from your shopping to your calendar to the sudden surge of brilliance that will eventually lead to that multimillion-dollar idea. No really, it can do that.

There's also ScreenShareS60, free screenshot software for second- and third-edition Symbian phones, plus a format for the Nokia N70 series. Screenshots are ideal for sharing stills and moving images of photos and applications. Screenshot is another freebie for capturing still images on all Symbian S60 editions.

Capture screenshots and screencasts with ScreenShareS60 freeware. (Credit: TerraMobilis)

In movies, there's the big screen, the small screen, and the really, really small cell phone screen. Programs like Mobiola Studio (for--deep breath--Windows Mobile, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, Palm, and Motorola) double as an on-the-fly video converter and downloading hub. Endlessly entertaining YouTube videos welcome.

Like any of these programs? Tell us below. Prefer others? We want to know that too. Just remember to tell us which device you used. Until later, happy mobile downloading!

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