Memeo Share keeps photo sharing local

When you want to share high-quality photos or video with family, sometimes the online sites aren't the easiest solution. Check out this free program that lets you easily share photos and video with anyone you want.

Memeo Share

We've all experienced it. You've taken a bunch of photos or a home video at a family gathering and now you're trying to figure out how to share your work with everyone in your family. It's possible to use online photo sites like Flickr, Shutterfly, or Photobucket, but what if you had a localized program that could share photos and videos immediately? Not all your relatives are as computer savvy as you, so you want a program that works quickly and with the fewest steps. You want a program that anyone in your family will be able to figure out.

Memeo Share
You can automatically sync with your folder of pictures or drag and drop a folder to the interface. (Credit: CNET Networks)

If you've ever run into difficulties trying to find the solution to this problem before, you'll be glad to know we have the perfect program for the job. Memeo Share only takes a few steps to set up and makes it possible to share photos and videos with anyone you want. Choose a folder of photos or video and upload them to Memeo Share, then simply add your family members' e-mail addresses to invite them to a Sharing Circle. From there, all your friends and family will be able to view the latest photos and videos without the hassle of resizing, multistep uploading processes, or online sites. You can also share high-resolution images, because Memeo Share uploads big files in the background and syncs to everyone in your Sharing Circle. It also has options for uploading to YouTube and Facebook, if you want an easy access point to those sites as well.

Memeo Share
Quickly add more photos to automatically sync with your Sharing Circle. (Credit: CNET Networks)

Memeo Share comes with 1GB of free storage space to start, but there is an option within the program to upgrade to a monthly subscription ($4.99 per month) if you need more space. If you share a lot of photos with friends and family, five bucks a month is definitely worth it to do away with all the hassle of sharing online or by e-mail.

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