Maps is navigating toward Google Now

Google releases an update to Maps, with a Now-inspired redesign and streamlined search.

On Tuesday night, Google released an update to Google Maps on Android, featuring a redesigned interface that more closely incorporates a cleaner, card-based look, and a reduction in onscreen menu items and buttons.

Both design changes for Android phones and tablets resemble each other for the most part. Navigation received a noticeable upgrade; so now, when you search for directions, Google Maps will suggest alternate routes during heavy traffic periods and potentially even during inconvenient delays in public transportation.

Whereas much of this is reminiscent of the iOS version a couple months back, Google Maps still retains its signature Android mark--like the pullout menu on the upper-left corner.

The new Google Maps update is only available to users with Android 4.0.3 and up, with gradual rollouts now underway.

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