Make your desktop a window seat on Mac or PC

Holding Pattern Screensaver lets you see the view from a plane right on your desktop. Animated views slowly reveal more of the country as airplane sounds calm your soul.

Holding Pattern Screensaver
It\'s like having the window seat, but without the snoring passenger next to you. (Credit: CNET Networks)

With summer here in the northern hemisphere, many people are packing their bags, grabbing their plane tickets, and hopping a flight for a well-deserved vacation. Once on the plane, most of us face cramped seats, crying babies, and maybe a couple of bags of peanuts (if we're lucky). Most of the time, the promise of the destination is enough for us to deal with a long flight, and if all else fails, there's always the sweeping view of the country from the window seat.

This week, I rediscovered (it's now in version 2.0) a great screensaver called Holding Pattern Screensaver for both Mac and PC. With the free downloadable "Coach Class" version of this screensaver, you get that same sweeping view of the landscape through an airplane window whenever your computer goes into idle mode. The animation lets you watch as scenery slowly moves across your field of view, and after about 20 seconds, switches to another angle. You even occasionally get to view other passengers on board in the foreground as you fly by beautiful, snowy mountain ranges and fog-covered canyons.

If you want even more scenery and aerial views, you'll need to update your version to First Class ($17.50), but the free version offers plenty to check out before you decide. Make sure to pick the appropriate download for your operating system after clicking the link above.

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