Mailplane 3 takes off

The Mac client that turns the Gmail Web service into a proper application launches version 3 with a redesigned interface, attachment previews, and integration with Mountain Lion notifications.

Mailplane is a standalone Mac OS X e-mail client that integrates the Apple and Gmail experiences. For six years, Mailplane has been putting the Gmail experience into a proper app with functionality like drag-and-drop attachments, program icons in the dock and tab switcher, and integration with Mac OS X contacts. The latest version 3 release boosts the program one large step forward, with a completely redesigned interface, attachment previews, and compatibility with Mountain Lion's Notification Center.

With version 3, Mailplane has done a bit more than refuel and de-ice the wings. Aside from the redesigned GUI, the app now also supports Gmail's new compose mode and lets users preview attachments with Quicklook. New plug-ins such as an e-mail notifier (AwayFind) and an email scheduler (RightInbox) join the scheduling tool Boomerang and the organizational plug-in Taskforce as additional weapons for your Gmail arsenal. You can also seamlessly switch between 10 accounts using tabs, and Gmail and Google Calendar can be managed in a single app.

Mailplane costs $25, but the trial offers a full-featured version of the software for two weeks. Users who have purchased previous versions of Mailplane have the option of upgrading to v3 at 20% off, and users who purchased v2 after October 1, 2012, will receive the v3 update for free. If you want to navigate your personal or professional Gmail inbox (or both) at the speed of flight, give Mailplane a try.

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