MacHeist II uncovers more great Mac deals

Last year a group of independent Mac developers teamed up to put together a sort of Internet scavenger hunt for prizes, and later, released a bundle of great software at a fraction of the price you would have paid for each program individually.

MacHeist II

Last year about this time, several independent Mac software developers teamed up to put together a bundle of nine award-winning Mac apps for the vastly reduced price of $49--with 25 percent of the purchase price donated to the charity of your choice (chosen from a list). The whole thing took place at a very well-designed site called and more than 16,000 users snapped up the limited time offer--it was really a great deal! The fun part about the offer was that the developers of MacHeist made it into a kind of scavenger hunt by letting users search for clues and solve puzzles to win software and other prizes before the final bundle was announced.

This year, they're doing it all over again with MacHeist II, featuring a new bundle of indie software, the contents of which will be announced January 9. But you don't have to wait until then to get in on the fun. Set up an account at the MacHeist Web site to uncover clues and work through puzzles to win free software and other prizes on your own. If you want to join in the scavenger hunt part of the offer, you'll need to join quickly because it is wrapping up over this weekend. The bundle will only be offered at the reduced price for a short time, so when January 9 comes around, you'd better act quickly. Judging from last year's list of software including popular Mac apps like ShapeShifter, RapidWeaver, iClip, and NewsFire--even if you don't win any of the contests--the software bundle will be a steal at $49.

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