Jing Project: Easiest emergency screen captures

In a pinch, Jing Project produces fast, easy screen shots and screen casts.

Jing logo

As a faithful corporate blogger, I take a lot of screenshots. I've mentioned that in previous roundups of screen capture apps. When I found myself at the Under the Radar conference yesterday (see all posts) without a handy screen capture installed, I quickly downloaded Jing Project, for Windows and Mac.

Jing Project, thoroughly reviewed on Webware.com, floats a sun-yellow ball to the top of the screen. Hovering over this orb produces three rays, one of which launches cross-hairs that, when dragged around content, captures the image. I love this method for high-pressure blogging, even though for everyday use I prefer a more precise, full featured capture program like Snagit, which, like Jing, is made by TechSmith, or the free Gadwin PrintScreen.

The cross-hairs capture method tends to obscure edges, making it hard to see if you've grabbed too little, too much, or just the right amount, but Jing Project gives at least the impression, if not the reality, of saving microseconds when grabbing images from the screen. One note to Windows users: If you don't have the .NET Framework 3.0 already installed, Jing Project will auto-download it, though it will take a few minutes longer before the app installs.

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