iTunes 7.5: Updated, but who cares?

iTunes updates to version 7.5, mostly to patch holes and prepare for the Euro-iPhone.

Apple's omnipresent media player iTunes has quietly upgraded to version 7.5 for both Windows and Mac. There's no grand new interface, no code-scrubbing to make the Window version load quicker, and certainly no support for Linux users. There's not a lot to bother with, period, unless you're a Old World iPhone customer.

The biggest change is that iTunes now supports international iPhone activation, in preparation for the iPhone landing on European shores later this week. There's also support for a new music game called Phase, but that's just back-end mumbo-jumbo: running the game still requires buying it first. The iPhone tab in Preferences has been changed to Syncing, and lets users adjust synchronization settings for iPods as well as iPhones. Latest-generation iPod users get a battery meter in the nav next to the connected icon, and besides an assortment of bug-killing and security hole-fixing, th-th-that's all, folks.