iTriage targets iPhone-toting hypochondriacs

iTriage for iPhone and iPod Touch is a handy, albeit navigation-heavy, reference app to answer your medical questions and find you local care.

iTriage logo

If you regularly find yourself on WebMD or Wikipedia in an attempt to diagnose an itchy spot, chronic cough, or other mystery ailment, a new medical reference app for the iPhone and iPod Touch could save you some steps.

iTriage ($0.99) lets you search and browse hundreds of symptoms, diseases, and procedures in a logically, possibly overly designed app, that's intuitive to navigate. In addition to useful descriptions of the condition, treatments, and medical tests, the app also offers a plethora of support links to your insurer's advice line, medical Web sites like WebMD, and in-app Google Web searches with results that include images and further information about the condition. In addition, iTriage can use the iPhone's GPS to help you find nearby pharmacies, hospitals, and other treatment centers.

For all its strengths, iTriage also suffers a few avoidable and mostly minor weaknesses. For instance, its information-rich setup requires more navigational tapping than we think necessary. Also, some information is missing, like the phone numbers to pharmacies in our area, and a medical sketch of each ailment in the disease and symptom overview. Still, the application is a promising hub for basic information, and not just for hypochondriacs--though most of this introductory information is also available for free from other Internet sources, like Medpedia.

iTriage covers only the U.S. for now, though it may incorporate other cities and countries worldwide in later versions. Check out our screenshots for a more in-depth look.

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