Is that an IM link or a malware trap?

Worm-infected instant messages are becoming a major threat, as Eivind tragically discovers. Can she warn her friends not to click before the damage is done? The story unfolds in this week's Spyware Horror Story.

Spyware Horror Story

If an IM link from a friend pops up on your screen, do you click it right away? Most people, like Eivind, do. Most don't end up with a PC-killing worm.

Malicious IM links are a growing threat to users, and Eivind got dished an unpleasant preview of the trend we have to look forward to. Can she warn her friends of the deception before they're compromised too?

Watch the story unfold in this week's tale of Trojan trouble, "Malware's IM hideaway." You can also access the Spyware Horror Story archives for more stories and tips for staying safe online.

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