Google Buzz gets friendly with BlackBerry, Nokia, and Windows phones

Google has announced a new version of Google Buzz, its social networking tool, that can be accessed in 37 languages from BlackBerry, Nokia Series 60, and Windows phones.

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Remember the fracas when Google launched Google Buzz this past February?

We described the desktop manifestation of Google's then-new social networking as a privacy nightmare that was aggravating to disable, and the mobile version of Google Buzz as a confusing service lacking in unity--though one that does have some use to social butterflies, especially those using Google Maps for mobile (video).

Since then, Google has changed some of its ways and continues to push Google Buzz as a social tool. On Thursday, Google announced a new version of Buzz online ( that's written in XHTML and can be accessed in 37 languages from BlackBerry, Nokia Series 60, and Windows phones. You can also get to Buzz online from phones running version of Android earlier than 2.0. Previously, only Android 2.0+ and iPhone owners could update buzz online from their phones.

If you've got a BlackBerry, enabling location in the browser settings populates a geo-tagged list of the most recent Buzz posts nearby--though Google notes in its blog post that location may not work on all BlackBerry handsets.

Do you use Google Buzz? We've told you what we think; share your own two cents in the comments.

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