Gloss: Flock goes fashionable

Social-networking savant Flock announces a re-branded version of its browser aimed at fashionistas, and gets some minor touch-ups to its main trunk and new beta, too.

Social-networking savant Flock has announced a re-branded version of its browser aimed at fashionistas. At the very least, it's aimed at people who like the color pink and lipstick marks on their advertising. Called Gloss, it's a pink-and-purple themed edition of Flock 1.2 that comes with fashion-related feeds and bookmarks pre-loaded.

The Gloss rebuild of Flock shows the pinker side of browsing. (Credit: Flock, Inc.)

The list of baked-in feeds for the Windows-only Gloss includes Cosmopolitan, TMZ,, PopSugar, and These Boots Are Made for Stalking.

Gloss is getting pimped as a "fun" version of Flock, although I could've sworn that Flock received the same PR campaign comparing it to Firefox. Either way, it's hard to argue with a browser that promotes itself as a place where, "Your friends are always there--just like celebrities in rehab." It's hard to argue, of course, because sometimes it's better to just walk away. Slowly. Beyond having the topical feeds included and the new color scheme, there doesn't seem to be much of a reason to get Gloss.

Flock itself has also received a couple of upgrades. The Flock 2 beta (download for Windows and Mac) goes up another point, incorporating the Firefox 3.0.1 security patch along with other bug-fixes. The Flock people are promising a lengthy beta cycle, so expect there to be at least one more update.

The official version of Flock (download for Windows and Mac) also gets a bump up, addressing bugs and security holes fixed in Firefox Again, no major roadwork going on here, but it's definitely a good idea to upgrade to ensure that old exploits don't cause you grief.