Giftmeister: A shopping tool for techies

Giftmeister is an online social shopping service and mobile app aimed at helping consumers find, purchase, and give all types of consumer electronics gifts.

It may be hard to believe that it's already November, but the 2010 holiday shopping season is just about upon us. With that in mind, Iron Horse Interactive has launched Giftmeister, an online social shopping tool that should be of particular interest to CNET readers.

Rather than focusing on just any old gifts, Giftmeister aims to help users find, purchase, and give tech products. The service offers a catalog of more than 225,000 gadgets, with live pricing from both online and brick-and-mortar retailers, such as Best Buy and Target. The tool also caters to shoppers on-the-fly with a free mobile app for the iPhone, with one for the Android OS forthcoming. The apps include LBS functionality that can provide users with directions to nearby stores.

There are two main functions for Giftmeister: to find gifts for fellow techies and to make a wish list for yourself to share with friends and family. To do this, you can search with keywords, or use the gift finder carousel. This tool lets you select a gender, price range, and persona and then provides a variety of gift-worthy gadgets. The variety of price ranges and personas (with choices such as Game Nut and Techno Geek) is impressive, as is the number of overall results populated. However, I did notice during initial testing that the gift selections didn't seem to vary much from persona to persona. Regardless, it's a great free service to have on hand if you're a gadget hound or have techie loved ones.