Get Twitter in Adium

Mac users: if you use both Twitter and Adium, check out this third-party plug-in for Adium, which lets you send and receive tweets all from within the chat client.


Mac users: are you a Twitter user who also uses Adium? If you are, you'll appreciate third-party plug-in, TwitterIM. With this plug-in installed, you'll be able to receive Twitter messages in a chat client window. Though the developers of Adium have promised Twitter support in upcoming version 1.4, Twitter users can get started early with this third-party plug-in.

Get all your tweets in one chat window, making it easy to follow your friends while chatting. (Credit: CNET)

You will need an account at Twitter to get started. Once you're registered, download and install the TwitterIM plug-in (above) and launch Adium (make sure to update to the latest version). With Adium running, open the Adium Preferences and add an account from the Accounts tab. Choose "microblog-Twitter" (at the bottom) and enter your Twitter username and password. Now, simply restart Adium, and you can now receive Twitter updates in a chat window for easy access!

While this is kind of a work around to get Twitter updates in Adium, it should be enough to hold you over until Adium 1.4 when Twitter will be fully supported.

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