Fring 3.40 merges overpopulated contacts list

Fring's latest update for Symbian phones introduces a merged buddy list option to its mobile VoIP communication app, plus more housekeeping tools.

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Fring's latest update for Symbian phones introduces the option of a merged buddy list to its mobile VoIP communication app (download links below). Merging eliminates the duplicates you often find when a contact appears for the same friend on multiple IM accounts. When you view a friend's profile after merging, Fring shows you which service your friend is signed into at any given time.

This bit of space-saving housekeeping isn't automatic, however. After highlighting the buddy's name, you'll need to select "manage buddies" and then choose to merge them. You'll need to seek out and select your friend's other aliases before saving.

Fring 3.40 also lets you update your profile picture, status, nickname, and mood from within the mobile application. All this occurs through the profile editing menu item in the Options list.

Friend suggestions are also new to the multinetwork IM and voice app. When Fring discovers that a contact from your address book or from one of its supported IM or social networks is also a registered Fring user, it will suggest you add them and will fill in their profile details. Fring's friend finder can be found in the buddy management menu in the program options.

While Symbian phones were the first to get Fring's new functionality this week, Windows Mobile and iPhone users can expect the same integration next.

Download Fring 3.40 from
Fring 3.40 for Symbian 9.4
Fring 3.40 for Symbian 9.3
Fring 3.40 for Symbian 9.2
Fring 3.40 for Symbian 9.1

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